Ron Holland, George Lois

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    "[Ali] would rap before they called it rap." —Berry Gordy, Motown Founder

    This book contains over 300 rap rhythms, witticisms, insults, wisecracks, politically incorrect quips, courageous stands and words of inspiration from the mind, heart and soul of the brash young Cassius Clay, as he steadily grew into the magnificent man who was Muhammad Ali. From a narcissistic self-promoter who eventually became a man of enduring spirituality through a journey of formidable tests, Ali has emerged as a true superhero in the annals of American history, and the Worldwide Ambassador of Courage and Conviction. This fresh, first-person book serves as a hilarious and moving hands-on autobiography by Muhammad Ali, the intrepid man of action who spoke in soundbites, all wittily and powerfully visualized by the provocateur graphic designer, George Lois.

    The authors:
    Ron Holland worked alongside George Lois in the glory days of the Creative Revolution as a pioneer copywriter of Big Idea advertising. They continue their never-really-separated lives working on their matchless kind of advertising to this day.

    Advertising communicator George Lois is known for dozens of marketing miracles that triggered innovative and populist changes in American and world culture. His most famous work includes the "I Want My MTV" campaign, Jiffy Lube and Tommy Hilfiger ads, USA Today`s breakthrough "singing" TV campaign, and ESPN`s "In Your Face" campaign. He is also known as the legendary creator of the iconic Esquire covers of the 1960s. Lois is the author of five books of his work; his previous book is $ellebrity, dealing with his campaigns using celebrities in fresh and outrageous ways.


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    Subject Photography
    Author Ron Holland, George Lois
    Series KO
    Cover Softcover
    Dimensions cm 14,0 x 19,5
    Pages 608
    Language/s english
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