Jürgen Holstein

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    Roaring Jackets
    The finest German publishing 1919–1933

    The period between the First and Second World Wars is well known for the flowering of German culture. With Berlin as its epicenter, the period was replete with advanced science, passionate politics, and groundbreaking literature, philosophy and art. Amid the fervor of intellectual and creative activity, German publishers produced some of the most outstanding book designs in modern history.

    Book Covers of the Weimar Republic assembles 1,000 of the most striking examples from publishing of this period. Based on the remarkable collection of Jürgen Holstein and his rare collectible Blickfang, it combines an unparalleled catalog of dust jackets and bindings with Holstein's introduction to Weimar publishing and profiles of key publishing figures of the time. Expert essays discuss the aesthetic and cultural context of the period.

    From children’s books to novels in translation, bold designs for political literature to minimalist artist monographs, this is a dazzling line-up of typography, illustration, and graphic design at its most energetic and daring. Part reference compendium, part vintage visual feast for the eyes, this very particular cultural history is above all acelebration of the ambition, inventiveness and beauty of the book.

    The author:
    Jürgen Holstein was born in Berlin in 1936. Following an apprenticeship in an antiquarian book store he founded his own bookshop in 1966, specialized in 20th century art history and literature. Holstein's own publications include a book on the cover designs of George Salter and the bestseller Blickfang, which presented outstanding examples of Berlin-based book design under the Weimar Republic. Since German reunification, Holstein has been particularly active in preserving visual culture artifacts of the former GDR. His extensive archive of artworks, objects, books, catalogs, and posters from this period is now housed in the Getty Center, Los Angeles.

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    Subject Photography
    Author Jürgen Holstein
    Series VA
    Cover Hardcover
    Dimensions cm 25,0 x 31,7
    Pages 452
    Language/s English, German
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