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    Through the various stages of life, we all need a place – real or fictitious – or two embracing arms where we can find peace, consolation, love. Where we can hide our tears, heal our wounds. This is the concept that Emmanuelle Houdart explores in this book with her fascinating imagination, offering several interpretations of it. The first shelter is the maternal womb, followed by the cradle, the play house, the library, the garden… and of course love, in all its forms: the love of a father, a brother, a friend, a partner. And, in the end, the tender bond between a grandfather and his grandson, who shelter each other. Alternating short and melodious sentences with peculiar images enlivened by her vivacious fantasy and soaked in sweetness, Emmanuelle leads us to discover the places that comfort us through the many stages of our life. And within the pages of this book, she offers a shelter in poetry and beauty to people of any age.

    The illustrator:
    “A lot of wonderful and terrible things happened in my life, as well as in everybody else’s. And this is what I draw, the wonderful and the terrible.”
    Painter and illustrator Emmanuelle Houdart was born in Switzerland in 1967. After graduating from the École des Beaux-Arts in Sion and the École Supèrieure d’Arts Visuel in Geneva, she moved to Paris. Besides contributing to many newspapers and magazines (Libération, Le Monde, Sciences et Vie Junior, Ça m’intéresse… ), she published a dozen books as a writer and illustrator, and she illustrated about twenty children’s books. Her style is highly personal and characterized by the use of rich and sharp colours, outlining a fantastic though extremely real and tangible world.
    In 2003 she won the Prix Octogone, category Prix Graphique (CIELJ), for Les Choses que je sais. Two years later she received an award for Monstres malades at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, and in 2006 she won the Grand Prix du Livre Jeunesse of the Society of Men of Letters of France for Les Voyages merveilleux de Lilou la fée.
    Her books for #logosedizioni are: Va tutto bene Merlino!, Amiche per la vita, Il denaro, Saltimbanchi, Il guardaroba, Genitori felici, Una lunga storia d’amore, Rifugi, Emilia Mirabilia, Mia madre and Mostri malati.

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    Author Emmanuelle Houdart
    Series #ILLUSTRATI
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    Pages 32
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