Emmanuelle Houdart, Laetitia Bourget

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    Once upon a time there were a charming prince and a fascinating princess. After overcoming the toughest obstacles, the prince reached the princess and from the first glance they knew they were made for each other. They got married, had many children and lived happily ever after. And then?
    Summing up in the first page the classic fairy-tale structure, the new illustrated book by Laetitia Bourget and Emmanuelle Houdart, Una lunga storia d’amore, finally provides us with all the answers to the questions that inevitably arise after the traditional happy ending. What will life be like for the royal couple in the castle? How can the princess still be happy if the prince snores at night, his feet smell like cheese and he doesn’t seem to notice her when she makes herself beautiful for him? And how can the prince keep loving her if she is not wasp-waisted anymore, if she doesn’t care for his heroic feats and she even breaks wind from time to time? Will the two of them be able to stay together despite their arguments about their children’s names or the castle’s furniture?
    As we can see from the illustrations in which they appear first as children, then as adults and finally as an elder couple, the prince and the princess will have to grow together and fortify their love trial after trial. Both poetic and ironic, this unique fairy tale that starts where all the others end is a sentimental education that invites the reader to reflect on the problems of love relationships. Page after page, children will come to a better understanding of their parents, while adults will happily welcome this playful representation of their everyday vicissitudes. The realistic approach to the couple relationship doesn’t prevent our imagination from flying, thanks to Emmanuelle Houdart’s surrealistic illustrations, so richly detailed that they tell a story on their own. With her highly recognisable style, characterized by two-dimensional figures in profile, and with her expressive use of colour in both the colourful and monochrome illustrations, the artist transforms every moment of everyday life in a compelling adventure, full of bizarre and friendly monsters, objects that spring to life like in Alice in Wonderland, and a generous amount of magic. A fresh fairy tale suspended between dream and reality that provides much food for thought and debate for readers of all ages.

    The illustrator:
    “A lot of wonderful and terrible things happened in my life, as well as in everybody else’s. And this is what I draw, the wonderful and the terrible.”
    Painter and illustrator Emmanuelle Houdart was born in Switzerland in 1967. After graduating from the École des Beaux-Arts in Sion and the École Supèrieure d’Arts Visuel in Geneva, she moved to Paris. Besides contributing to many newspapers and magazines (Libération, Le Monde, Sciences et Vie Junior, Ça m’intéresse… ), she published a dozen books as a writer and illustrator, and she illustrated about twenty children’s books. Her style is highly personal and characterized by the use of rich and sharp colours, outlining a fantastic though extremely real and tangible world.
    In 2003 she won the Prix Octogone, category Prix Graphique (CIELJ), for Les Choses que je sais. Two years later she received an award for Monstres malades at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, and in 2006 she won the Grand Prix du Livre Jeunesse of the Society of Men of Letters of France for Les Voyages merveilleux de Lilou la fée.
    Her books for #logosedizioni are: Va tutto bene Merlino!, Amiche per la vita, Il denaro, Saltimbanchi, Il guardaroba, Genitori felici, Una lunga storia d’amore, Rifugi, Emilia Mirabilia, Mia madre and Mostri malati.

    The author:
    Laetitia Bourget
    was born in La Rochelle in 1976. Today she lives and works in Paris and Néons-sur-Creuse. In 1998 she graduated in Plastic Arts at the University of Bordeaux 3. Since 1997 she has been active in various artistic fields (video, photo, book publishing, installations, writing, drawing, site-specific works). She soon gained visibility thanks to the distribution of her videos to international events and video art festivals. Her works have been displayed worldwide in galleries and institutional and alternative spaces, and are featured in private and public collections in France and abroad.
    Since 2003 she has been publishing children’s books with Seuil Jeunesse, Thierry Magnier, and Sarbacane, and more recently books enriched by small numbered plates with Nuages.
    Her books for #logosedizioni are: Amiche per la vita, Genitori felici, and Una lunga storia d’amore.

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    Illustrator Emmanuelle Houdart
    Author Laetitia Bourget
    Series #ILLUSTRATI
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    Pages 36
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